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This lovely blog post comes from Martha and the Meadow, a Dorset-based wedding florist who is passionate about using seasonal wedding flowers. This article celebrates the beauty of the Peony, a flower that is perfect for weddings and is in season now until the middle of July.

Tis the season for Peonies!
There are just a few months a year when the beauty of the Garden Rose gets upstaged - and you may ask but how! It's simple from early May till mid July the romantic bloom of choice has to be the blousy, full and character full Peony.

This large taffeta - like flower heads are a true statement and in the past few years are the most have bloom for any discerning bride.

Available in a few select colours from White and Cream, rose pink, coral, deep pink and a crimson.

If you are looking for a statement bouquet full of peonies then here are a few varieties to consider.

Coral Charm - offers a bride a pop of colour and has been incredibly popular in recent wedding seasons. Coral Charm accompanies silver grey foliage so well, along with other coral based bloom such as David Austin Rose 'Juliet'. The Coral Charm and its cousin Coral Sunset also has the ability to amaze as the bloom ages it also fades to a cream peach colour and beyond.

Sarah Bernardt - is the classic rose pink peony. It's what romantic English country gardens are made off! With its beautiful ruffled petals with rippled burgundy edges - this is probably one of the most popular peonies to choose.

Duchess de Nemours - is the peony available in a bridal cream. A bloom which accompanies any other flower or colour palate well, or simply have a bouquet made of just themselves.

Peonies due to short window of availability and the high demand for them through this period means that they are classed as a premium bloom and in most cases that is reflected in the cost per stem. But personally their beauty is worth every penny.

Originally from China the Peony has its own Flower meaning - 'Bashfulness' - which I think is so appropriate, especially as they seems to show their beauty for a short time and then just slip away until the following year.