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I am delighted to introduce Amazing Face, award-winning makeup and hair stylists in Dorset, who have made a fantastic name for themselves as the best in Dorset and nationally! Today we had the privilege to interview Caroline from Amazing Face and delve into her world of wedding hair and makeup.

Who is Amazing Face Dorset?

Amazing face is a professional team of hair and make up specialists who believe in making brides look natural but a little more exquisite. "We aim to enhance, not mask and make you feel absolutely wonderful on what is your dream day. We keep things simple, relaxing and oh so calm on your wedding day journey. We move mountains to make sure you have an incredible experience with us. Our testimonials speak for themselves."

Caroline and Elke started the business in 2007 taking it from strength to strength by shear hard work, determination and combining raw energy with excellent customer service, great testimonials and fabulous brides, who are very happy to shout about their experience with Amazing Face.

What did you do before Amazing Face?

Before Amazing Face, Caroline, a fully qualified beauty therapist and make up artist, worked in Australia as a manager for one of Sydney's top Hair Beauty and Nails Salons. Here she looked after rock and pop stars and visiting royalty. Caroline has also been a trainer and make up artist for several of the top high end brands like Dior, Chanel and Clarins.

Elke, Amazing Face's Hair specialist, trained with the best in Germany. She has managed several salons and has a huge home client base. Between Caroline and Elke there is over 40 years of experience - that's an awful lot of very happy clients!

"All our team are of the best quality, highly skilled and give the best possible customer service. They have to be of the same mindset, level of skill and be as accomplished as us. This is why we have become the go to Bridal Hair and Make up experts in Dorset."

Where are you based and where do you cover?

We are based in Poole in Dorset, where our beautiful studios are. We cover all of the southwest and beyond, going anywhere where we are asked to go. This makes our job a lot of fun and very interesting, one day we are in a 5* Hotel and the next a beautiful Georgian Manor House.

How would you describe your hair and make up styles?

Our hair and make up styles are really down to our clients needs. We listen to them very carefully at our consultations, taking into account so many deciding factors including light, weather and time of day. It's not necessarily about what we want to create, it's what our clients have probably dreamed about since they were little and showing them a way that will recreate those dreams suited to their natural attributes.

What is your favourite achievement to date?

Winning the regional finals for the Best Wedding Make up Artist in the Wedding Industry Awards TWIA in November last year. Then going on to be Best Wedding Make up Artist Highly Commended TWIA 2016 was such a shock. People said 'oh you deserved to win' but it's still difficult to get to grips that you are top of your game and that your clients voted to tell you so!!

We are also winners for the Dorset Wedding Supplier Awards 2014/15 for make up and hair two years in a row. We are very proud to be the very best in our home county. It's so lovely to be part of a fantastic mixture of talented like minded suppliers who always give their very best.

What is your favourite type of wedding?

We really don't have a favourite type of wedding as they are all different and so personal in their own way, as long as our bridal party is happy with our work and our bride can walk down that aisle with her head held high thinking she is radiant and beautiful, we are happy and our job is done.

What do you enjoy the most about Amazing Face Dorset?

Goodness ....... All of it! The fact that we are so privileged to be a part of someone's special day, the fact that they chose us out of so many other talented specialists and the fact that sometimes we have brides in who come to us with little or no confidence, and they go out of our studios realising suddenly that they ARE beautiful inside and out and they can look just as stunning as any model. (We are not just hair and make up specialists, we are a kindly ear, counsellors and friends to all).

What is your pricing structure?

Prices are always kept simple, we have learnt from chatting to our clients that they are pleased that we show quite clearly all prices on our website and can get an idea of costs immediately, without having to go through the process of filling out forms if they find us too expensive .

Previous weddings that you thought were brilliant?

It's amazing how much time and effort goes into planning a wedding and everyone has its own individuality. We do so many lovely ones a year it would be unfair just to pick one, I think generally we gauge weddings by the photos we receive and think "oh that looked fun!"

What one piece of advice would you give to a wedding couple?

Always take 10 minutes during your wedding day to be with each other alone, to chat, have a laugh and just gaze at each other thinking "wow we are now together". Everyone wants a tiny piece of you both all day and we always recommend you do this. It's truthfully, or so we've been told, one of the things that sticks in your head as an amazing special moment where you can just breathe in the air before you go onto the next bit!!

Some Brides are nervous about getting professional make up done ...... Caroline's Advice

Our 2 hour consultations stem everyone's anxiousness about pro make up. My own style is normally exquisitely natural, bringing out a clients best points, diminishing things that are not so good, but I listen and that's worth its weight in gold when clients are trying to explain the look they want.

Because photos are a lasting piece of your day, you need to look your very best, you spend a lot of money on your dress, photographer and everything else but the one thing to remember is your hair and make up is a huge part of that lasting image. It's so vitally important, it can make or break a good wedding photo/ album.

Your best friend or store consultant may be capable of doing your make up but they may not have the experience in HD ready photographic make up or timing. When up against the tide of time on the day and time is running out and they have to get you ready AND themselves, who is going to get rushed & stressed, yes the bride! Leave it to the professionals, we know about timings on the day, can deal with everything that might go awry and after all a little pampering on the day, you will feel like royalty which surely is a good thing.

You can find out more about Amazing Face Dorset on their listing page or if you are interested in booking Amazing Face for your wedding then don't hesitate to get in touch with them - they are in high demand!