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  • Little Orchard Alpacas - Devon Wedding Guide
  • Little Orchard Alpacas - Devon Wedding Guide
  • Little Orchard Alpacas - Devon Wedding Guide

Little Orchard Alpacas

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The Alpaca Wedding Package from Little Orchard Alpacas

Surprise and greet your guests with our adorable, friendly and inquisitive alpacas on your wedding day. This alpaca wedding package includes:

  • Two alpacas, accompanied by two handlers for up to three hours. We will set up our wooden handling pen, decorated in bunting, in an area of your choosing (permission of venue dependent).
  • The alpacas, dressed in their finest bow ties can then greet and mingle with your guests creating some brilliant wedding photos!
  • We will also take our own photos as we know the official photographer can’t be everywhere at once. We can then send you the photos after your big day. Guests are also more than welcome to take their own pictures.
  • We can also make time for a Bride and Groom walk and photo shoot (by your own photographer) in an area of your choosing.
  • You and your guests can then come to the alpaca pen and take the alpacas for short walks in the grounds. We provide formal halters and leads for the day. Children are also able to walk the alpacas, however under 16’s must have an adult present.
  • We will provide little feed bags for you and your guests to be able to feed the alpacas with their favourite food!
  • We have a personalised blackboard with the alpacas names on so all the guests can see what they are called easily. We also can bring our ‘Draw the Alpacas’ activity as some extra entertainment for the children.
  • We will of course be happy to talk everything through and to invite you to meet the alpacas at their home in Shute, Devon and to choose your favourites before the wedding day arrives.


Personalise the Pacas!

We love to personalise the experience and will put all of our effort into making it as unique as possible! We have a supplier who creates bespoke alpaca head halters and we can order them to match most themes. We can also provide matching leads, special bow ties, bunting for the pen in up to three colours and even matching water buckets! This personalised package costs a bit extra to the standard package in order for us to source and provide the extra items, but we think it will make your wedding even more individual!

£95 extra

Please also let us know if you yourself have any special ideas and we will try our hardest to accommodate them! Here are a few more ideas which are extra to the standard package but could complete your alpaca wedding experience!

  • Alpaca ring bearing
  • Chocolate alpaca favours
  • Extra alpaca time at the reception

We wish you all the best with your wedding planning and for the happy day!

A review from bride Kelly Alger, from the New Forest

”Words can’t even describe how amazing it was to have Monty and Jorvik share our wedding day. Victoria went above and beyond to make everything perfect, even sourcing adorable bow ties to match our theme, and letting me put a unicorn horn on Monty! We decided to keep the alpacas a secret to surprise our guests on the day and it was so worth it, everybody loved them! We got to feed, pet and walk the boys, so everybody went home with stories and happy memories, we literally can’t thank you enough! Every wedding should feature Little Orchard Alpacas!!”